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the difference between patience, postponement and sheer stupidity

YES, the question is significant because people can get confused about these three.

Patience is very alert, patience is very active, patience is very expectant. If you are waiting for somebody -- a friend is to call -- you may be sitting just by the door, but you are very attentive, alert. Any noise on the road, any car passing by, and immediately you start looking: maybe the friend has come? The wind on your doors, and suddenly you are alert: maybe he has knocked.... Dead leaves in the garden moving hither and thither, and you come out of your home; maybe he has come....

Patience is as active as that. It is a waiting. It is not dull, it is very radiant. It is not unconscious; it is not like a stupor. It is like a flame burning bright. One waits. One can wait infinitely, but one waits, expectant, active, alert, watchful.

Just the opposite is sheer stupidity. You can just be dull, idiotic, stupid, in a stupor, and you can think that you are waiting, you are patient. And you can enjoy that others who are working hard to reach somewhere are impatient people; you are very patient.
But remember, patience needs work.

Patience is not inactivity. A patient person works patiently.

Postponement is very cunning.

Patience is alert, stupidity is inactive, unconscious. Patience is conscious, postponement is subconscious. Postponement has a double-bind in it: you want to do something and yet you are not ready to do anything for it.
When somebody insults you, you don't say that "Tomorrow I will be angry"; but for love you always go on postponing.
You don't want to recognize the fact that you don't have any passion ...so you postpone in this way...you are not courageous enough to recognize the fact.

The mind is very cunning. Everybody's mind is the mind of the Jew.'Jew' is not a race; it is the innermost core of all minds. The mind is very worldly, very Jewish. It knows no other business than business.
The mind is always thinking in terms of business. Even when it is love, it is business.
Even when it is God, it is business.
And once you have become too accustomed to the business world, you start playing games with yourself.

Be alert.
Postponement is one of the most dangerous games that a man can play with himself. If you want, do it. If you don't want, be honest; who is forcing you? Just be honest. Don't do it, but know well that you are not going to do it because you don't want to do it. Why be deceptive!
Tomorrow may never come...


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