vineri, 26 februarie 2010

pasul absent

Doar un pas ne desparte.
Nu ştiu dacă pasul absent e al meu sau al tău.
Tu stai pe un mal al lui, eu pe altul şi între noi curge noaptea.
Ca să ajungem atât de aproape,
ca să rămânem atât de departe,
doar un pas ne desparte
şi între noi curge noaptea continuu
prin pasul absent.

(Octavian Paler)

duminică, 14 februarie 2010

light and cold

If you study a wall that is being hit by direct sunlight, you often see a blue shadow being cast behind it.
The hottest stars radiate blue light and the coolest radiate red.
Although blue is considered cold light, blue has a higher temperature.
Remember your lighter's flame.
You see blue and you can think it's cold. But will you touch it? :D

On the other hand, warm light is reddish but it has low temperature in fact.

Well... this may sound confusing.
But it's all real and it's all about (your) perception.

Warm and Cool in lighting always refer to subjective experiences.

So you may never jump to conclusions until you feel it with all senses from all angles and distances... Until you know.

What's really important?
Heat provides light. Than light provides heat. Than heat provides light...
Who is the first in this game?
And do plants grow better in cold light room or warm dark room?


Just feel and know.
see ya

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