miercuri, 10 februarie 2016

Love. A story about Presence.

I have two very dear friends. They were so different and so good toghether. They used to live in the same houses, travel to the same places, drink the same wines, share the same rings, work in the same field, organising the same seminars, helping to wake up and raise to freedom of knowing and being themselves the same people... Dear people, thankful people, people like us, working around the city or the world with the same intention: to wake up and become their better and better version day by day, for them and those around them :) A beautiful life story we shared for a while with them as guides helping us to become our own masters. That we became :) We talked a lot about all aspects of love from our lifes and shared our own experiences about, in the process. All good. But they are no longer together now. Not even professionally. I will not share here and now the entire story and why, even if I have my own perspective and oppinion on that one. For sure God knows why and maybe they will discover why someday, cause nothing is for nothing. But what I learned here is that LOVE IS PRESENCE. You have that choice. LOVE IS PRESENCE. In all sorts of relations or relationships. In all sorts of friendships, lovers included. LOVE IS PRESENCE. As per in the actual time you choose to allow to this toghetherness. And- even more important, as per the Quality of your Presence there. As per the quality of the Observer you are there to be or strive to become a COMPASIONATE mate that sees and feels the other at all times, in all situations, with all his dreams, wants and even projections, with all your and his qualities and flaws, in all PATIENCE and FAITH to listen, accept and discuss it all at the right moment, out of egotism, with the simple intention to clarify yourself, you two and your toghetherness, not necessarly change it. All these are aspects of Love. And Love Is Presence. First of all. You cannot pretend you love somebody, that you are, above all, his friend, if you are not Present to see, understand, support, fix, accept, if you are not there, opened, listening. Love is Presence. And Presence is the first gift of your Love. (and I am not talking physicality here)

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