marți, 14 iunie 2016

If I Tell You There's a Way to Have It All, Are You Willing to Pay the Price?

There is an old saying that ,,nothing is free''. I got to think about this for a while and ancient symbols came to my mind : Yin and Yang, the Uroboros, the Phoenix. There is no light without darkness, no sun without the night, no ups without downs. It is all going into cycles that begin to anew as soon as they end. We can not know the ecstasy if we don't come to acknowlegde agony first - and the deeper the agony, the deeper the ecstasy will be.
Everything has to be paid for. For ecstasy, we have to pay in agony. You have to go through deep pain to get rid of pain. It is a cleansing process. Pain is a fire: it burns the garbage you have in you and allows the beauty to reveal itself. Just as we purify gold through fire, consciousness is purified through pain. Pain has something to deliver to you. All you have to do is to stay alert. Don't avoid pain! If you avoid pain, you are avoiding pleasure. Don't avoid darkness. If you avoid darkness, dawn will never come. Only out of the dark night, the morning is born. And when the night is darkest, the sunrise is close. Remember this fundamental law of life, this paradox. The real lessons, the ones that transform you, will cleanse you, purify you. Yes, your wounds will hurt again and again, although you are hiding them. You are hiding them, that's why they are not healing. They have to be brought to sunlight, to fresh air. They have to be exposed. Only in that exposure they will start healing. Even if it hurts. The more you want to be healed, the more it will hurt. You have been hiding the wounds for so long ... you have to let them out of your system now. This agony is not a curse, it is a blessing.Because out of this agony, slowly, slowly, you will arise just like a Phoenix. Acceptance is the only way. Accept the pain, accept the wounds, accept yourself as you are! Don't try to pretend to be somebody else, don't try to show that you are not in pain. Don't go on pretending and laughing while your heart is crying. Don't smile if your eyes are full of tears. Don't be inauthentic, because by being inauthentic you are simply protecting your wounds from being healed. Your whole being will become a huge wound. You are full of wounds and unhealed scars. And you are somehow managing this so that nobody should know how much you hurt inside. You avoid going inside yourself because you avoid to recognize that you are not as happy as you pretend to be. And that's why you can't allow anybody to enter your heart, that's why you can't love. Because love will need exposure and a willing to open. You can't make contact, because this would let others see the things you are hiding. But what is the point of hiding? What else can happen to you , that you didn't experience yet? Why do you think that you can get more broken than you already are? By letting it all out, by revealing you true self you will be redeemed. So allow yourself to show your pain. Like a declaration that doors are open, have the courage to give the keys of your soul to the world. This will be painful, of course.It will be like a surgery. Healing is always painful. But be courageous. Go through it with your head up and have faith.Be willing to pay the price for your redemption. SURSA

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