luni, 15 iunie 2009

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Digital Consumers Have Stronger Brand Relationships New Research From Millward Brown Reveals

Analysis of the WPP BrandZ brand equity database shows that, on average, digital consumers have a 15 percent stronger relationship with brands
Online sales continue to grow1 despite the recession, highlighting the significance of the digital consumer. This is underscored further by new research from Millward Brown, who have analyzed WPP’s BrandZ™ database (the largest repository of brand knowledge in the world) and found that digital consumers have stronger relationships with brands than non-digital consumers. Digital consumers are defined here as people who have bought from or searched for information about an individual category online. The report shows that digital consumers generally have strong relationships with more brands. In addition, some individual brands are disproportionately more appealing to digital consumers, highlighting the importance of understanding these differences within categories.
The research found that this difference among digital consumers was strongest for airline brand relationships, where digital consumers' brand relationships were nearly twice as strong as those of their offline counterparts. Other key categories where digital consumers had stronger relationships than non-digital consumers included IT hardware and software (48 percent stronger), credit cards (33 percent stronger) and fragrances (29 percent stronger). See chart below.
Another key finding is that digital consumers are more than twice as likely to be "transmitters" – knowledgeable category consumers who influence others with their opinions. Digital consumers compared to non-digital are likely to be slightly younger and more affluent on average, and place a higher value on creativity, excitement and having fun.

This information is critical to marketers across the globe who is trying to understand the buying patterns of today’s digital consumers and leverage opportunities to target this segment.

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