miercuri, 8 aprilie 2009


Most uprisings and revolutions find their beginnings in injustice. The French and American revolutions are two examples, and we can trace this back to Greek history. Democracy started there. The people had a justified outrage and managed to change things.
Just recently in Paris, the French protested layoffs by barricading the director of a large company in his office and another similar incident happened at Sony in the South of France a couple of weeks ago. It seemed to work--after the ‘bossnapping’ occurred, Sony agreed to talk about severance packages. So far this is a revolt without violence, but it’s a barometer of the times that isn’t a good sign.
Many countries are experiencing economic woes, and the outrage in U.S. has been intense as well. Our greatest fear should be people who have no conscience, and there are obviously people who have no guilt for their behavior or actions, with AIG (short for Arrogance, Incompetence and Greed) as a primo example. President Obama has pointed out that this kind of behavior can’t be tolerated, and I know many people were stunned by their apparent disregard for their fellow citizens, just as they were by Bernard Madoff’s scheme.
As someone who is often the target of criticism, I know there are many reasons for being a target. The biggest reason is being prominent--if you attract attention, that attention can go from good to bad to worse. Anything and everything you do will be noticed. I always remember when the New York Times critic, Herbert Muschamp, reviewed Trump World Tower at the UN Plaza, which had been under serious attack from many angles. He gave it a glowing review and mentioned that “Trump does better when he ignores his critics than when he pays attention to them.” That was a great compliment, especially considering the source.
However, when the livelihoods of people are threatened by people who are just plain greedy, that’s a different scenario. Injustice has become apparent, and our criticism of their behavior is warranted.

by Donald J. Trump , Chairman of Trump University.

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