luni, 6 aprilie 2009


Plec la Ogilvy Interactive
BAT, Unilever, Kraft, Cosmote/Germanos, IBM, Nestle, Petrom, Heineken, Carrefour, Friesland, Colgate-Palmolive, Ikea...

David Ogilvy e cel care ne-a invatat some essentials about brands & life:

The first two fundamental components of that brand would be the quality and diversity of the people, and the quality and class of the operation.
Only first class business, and that in a first class way.
The third component was his belief in brands. Every advertisement is part of the long-term investment in the personality of the brand.

David worked relentlessly to instill the belief that our job is to make advertising that sells, and the advertising that sells best is advertising that builds brands.

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